Thursday, 24 July 2014

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

We've been having a real heatwave here in the UK for the past few weeks, but the temperature has really ramped up over the past few days. We've been having temperatures of between 25-30 and keeping Del cool has been quite tough.

He absolutely HATES water. He won't go near it, so having a paddling pool or a hose down is a waste of time, it only stresses him out.

We've made sure he has plenty of fresh, cool drinking water and have been keeping him indoors during the day. However, we've found what works best is to wet a towel with cold water and drain it out a bit, and use it like a cape for him. We cool it the 'Cool Cape'. He loves it:

After putting this on it takes a few minutes to start working and then his panting subsides. It's lovely knowing that you're making him more comfortable.

Have you got any tips on keeping your dogs cool?