About Me and Del

My name is Rachael and I'm a twenty-something living in Chester, UK, with my boyfriend, Adam and our Rottie, Del.

Me and Del.

Del was born on 24/11/11 and we bought him home as an eight week old puppy in early January 2012. Del is our first dog that we've been completely responsible for ourselves. Bringing up a puppy has taught us such a lot. We couldn't imagine our lives without Del!

We always knew we wanted to get a Rottie. Adam's family has always had them and we know from them that they're the softest, most loving and loyal breed there is (but we are biased!)

We name Del after Del Boy Trotter, from the popular UK sitcom, Only Fools and Horses. Only Fools is one of our favourite TV shows, so Del was always going to be named after one of it's characters!

This blog is to document our journey with Del- the ups, the downs and the downright sillies. Expect lots of photos, facts about Del and anything I find on the inter web that I think dog lovers will be interested in.

If you'd like to drop a line please email me at delsadventures [@] gmail [dot] com

A few facts about Del:

Name: Del
Born in: Manchester, UK
Lives in: Chester, UK
Date of birth: 24/11/11
"Gotcha" date: 08/01/12
Breed: Rottweiler
Size: 105lbs
Favorite food: Anything made from pork- pigs ears are a firm favourite.
Favorite toy: His reindeer antler and any ball.
Favorite place to go: Chester meadows.
Best trick: Speak or Paw
Best friend: Kate.
Bad habit: He sits on your knee, or shoulder.
Pet peeve: Being ignored.