Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Three Peaks Dog Collar Review

Del's favourite aunt's, Gemma and Friday, took a trip to Pets At Home last week and nabbed a bargain for Del- a Three Peaks dog collar, in his our favourite colour red.

Del modelling his new collar. Thanks auntie Gemma & Friday!

This was a welcome surprise as Del doesn't have much luck with collars. He's managed to break his latest leather collar by pulling the strap off which holds the collar down, which looks unbelievably scruffy when he’s out and about. He’s also had some problems with different materials. Some collars have made his skin a little red and some of his fur where the collar rubs slightly came out. So, as this is a different material and looks pretty sturdy, this is perfect for Del.

The feature I like the most (which from some other reviews said the opposite) is in-built dog tag. This comes in handy for us, because we’ve had really bad luck with tags. No matter how much we spend the tags seem to brake or get lost, probably because we don’t keep Del’s collar on when he’s in the house. So this little feature is great for us.

This is the hidden ID tag- you pull out this strip and write your information on it.

I also like how the collar is slightly padded. Del can pull on the lead, mainly when there are other dogs around to say hello to, so hopefully a little bit of padding will make it more comfortable for him.  

And the best part of the collar? It cost £1!

It was part of their sale range, which is why it was a no brainer for Del’s aunt’s to pick it up. So thanks to them from me and Del!

 At the moment, the collar is still slightly big for Del, which I'm surprised at. It is a Large, and Del is still a medium, but he has a lot of loose skin around his neck which I’m guessing he’ll fill out into!

*This post isn't affiliated with any company/product mentioned- I just really like it :)