Monday, 22 April 2013

A Spoonful of Sugar...Doggies Gravy

From time to time, Del will start to graze. By that, I mean he will eat small amounts of food and go back and fourth all day to it. I was starting to think that there may be something wrong, but he'd eat up treats and pieces of meat in a shot.

So that brought me to the conclusion that he may be a little bored with his pet food. I noticed that if I added a few frozen peas or a few bits of torn up ham, he'd eat the food as normal.

When we were in Pets At Home, we come across this product that we thought we'd try. Basically, it's a condiment for dogs! You pour some of this chicken or beef gravy over your dog's dry food to give it some extra flavour and moisture.

At £1 a bottle, I have to say that I love this product. You get about 7 servings out of a bottle and Del absolutely loves it. He wolfs his food down all in one and it has seemingly cured his 'food boredom'.

Have you tried anything like this?

Is there anything you can recommend so you don't have to change your dog's food?

*This is in no way affliliated with the company/product in this post, I just really like it:)