Friday, 7 March 2014

Evidence about the Rottweiler Temperament

I can honestly see why some people can be scared of Rottweilers. Brute strength and those big pearly whites could potentially be a formidable force.

Exhibit one:

You'll notice those razor sharp teeth around that human hand. Lethal.

But if you look past the teeth, the size and the strength you'll see that Rotties are just oversized play mates.

Exhibits two, three and four:

Notice the smile on that human?

Where have the belly rubs gone?
 Oh, and they also love to steal socks.

Exhibit five:

So next time you see a Rottie, don't cross the road. Don't put your dog back on it's lead. Talk to it's owner and you never know, you may find a great play mate for life.