Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Meet... Archie and Ellie

As you all know, we moved house at the start of this year. We moved into a house with two other dogs, two Weimerarners called Archie and Ellie. Del has settled in really well with them both, and they're beginning to get along with him in a big way, which we didn't anticipate.

I realised that I hadn't properly introduced them, so I thought I'd give you some facts about each of them so you know who Del's adopted brother and sister are...


This is Archie. He's seven years old and is the Big Grump. Well, he's not a grump really, but being older than Ellie and Del means that he's not as enthusiastic when it comes to playing. Archie loves his spot on the couch, watching Del and Ellie play. He loves to eat carrots. And apples. And sausages. And anything else he can get his paws on. He eats snacks faster than any dog I've ever known. He loves it when you make a fuss of him, especially when you sniff his ears. That's right, SNIFF his ears. It's his favourite. Sometimes, when you fuss him, he makes a purring sound, like a cat. His fur feels like velvet, and he's a big softie. He's a lot taller than Del. When he stands on his back legs he's actually taller than me. He's our gentle giant.


Ellie is the pretty one. She's five years old and a lot smaller than Archie. She's very gentle. When I come home from work she always gives me kisses on the chin. She's also the smart one. She can open doors, so we often get woken up by her opening our bedroom door in the morning to say hello. Her and Del are best friends. They will play together all night, although Ellie shows dominance by humping Del. You heard. And Del kind of enjoys it. Ellie has been known to jump fences that are six feet high to get at cats. She also loves to chase pigeons. She loves to sit up straight and let Del lick her chops and the top of her head. I think they might actually be boyfriend and girlfriend.

I hope you've enjoyed learning about these two beautiful doggies. Just for good measure, here's a picture of Del:

Even though he can't read I feel like I'm leaving him out :-)