Monday, 10 March 2014

Well Done Brandon!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to Crufts this year (we went last year and had an amazing time), so thought I'd watch a bit on TV. You can understand my excitement when I switched on to see that an absolutely stunning Rottweiler, called Brandon, had not only won the Working Dog group, but also made it to compete for the prestigious Best in Show award!

Photo credit: onEdition/The Kennel Club
The gorgeous Brandon picking up his Best Working Dog award

Obviously, we were all keeping our fingers crossed for a Rottweiler win, but the flamboyant Poodle, Ricky, won the Best in Show award.

The winner!

I'm elated that a Rottie won his category. Brandon looked like he was having a ball, and what better way to be a spokesperson for your own breed. Way to go, Brandon!  Hopefully you will win it next year :)

Did you have a favourite at Crufts 2014?