Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Introducing... Kate's Cuddles!

I've got exciting news!

My lovely friend Friday has started a blog all about my favourite chihuahua Kate!

If you've read some of my posts you will have heard a bit about her and saw a few pics of her. If you haven't, here are a few (why not?)...

Just chillin', looking cool.

Playing with her buddy Del.

Letting out a little yawn.

Chilling out in an extremely fluffy bed.

Kate is such a small, cuddly and loveable dog. She's so tiny compared to Del, it can be difficult to adjust from having a massive dog who is extremely durable and sturdy, to a petite little thing who you have to be careful not to stand on.

She's adorable, and you should definitely check out her blog:

You can also follow Kate on Instagram and follow her on Twitter.

Hope you enjoy!