Saturday, 9 February 2013

25 facts about Del

Seeing as this is a new blog, I thought I'd let everyone know 25 facts about Del. This tag is currently making it's way round some lifestyle blogs, so I thought I'd let Del jump on the bandwagon!

Del, aged 8 weeks. 

1. Del is named after Del Boy, from Only Fools and Horses. He was nearly called Albert, after Uncle Albert.

2. We adopted Del on 9/1/12 when he was just 8 weeks old.

3. Del's parents live in Manchester, UK. He was conceived naturally- his parents were not bought to breed. Lucky for us they had a little accident!

4. Del loves licking the outsides of drinks cans.

5. Del is terrified of the ironing board. We have no idea why.

6. He is not far off being fully grown. At the moment he weighs 6 stone (38 kilos).

7. He destroys new toys within about five minutes of having them. The only toy that has survived since he was a pup was an industrial looking rope that my friend bought him on holiday.

8. He is fed on beef and veg Baker's Complete.

9. His arch nemesis is a small grey cat who is new to the area. The cat sits on top of the shed and torments him.

10. Other dogs don't tend to like Del. He is a very friendly boy who likes to say hello to other dogs, but many of them seem to be intimidated by him. He's a friendly giant at heart.

11. Del likes to sneak on to the end of our bed at around 5am every morning, and always lies on my legs so I can't push him off.

12. He is also scared of our salt an pepper mills.

13. Del will bark at any animal that appears on the TV screen; dogs, cats, mice, elephants, tigers, birds- you name it. He will also bark at animated animals.

14. Del's closest doggie friend is a Chihuahua called Kate. Kate is my best friend's dog who regularly visits the house. We call them 'Beauty and the Beast' when they're together.

15. He is also scared of the hoover. It's taken him just over a year to pluck up the courage to sniff it.

16. Del still thinks he is a puppy, and will try to sit on your knee at any given opportunity.

17. He loves the snow. He spent hours in the back yard trying to eat as much of it as he could.

18. He also loves ice. He would chew on ice cubes all day long if you let him.

19. Del has trouble with recall. He refuses to come back to us when he is off the lead when there are other dogs around, no matter how hard we try to train him. I think he likes to show off a bit.

20. Gravy bones are Del's favourite treat.

21. He loves to watch football with us. He will follow the ball all over the pitch! If you're interested, he supports Liverpool FC.

22.  He also loves to play football. He's very good at controlling the ball and keeping hold of it with his paws.

23. He hoards socks and keeps them in the toilet.

24. He won't go out for a wee if it's raining.

25. He won't eat anything unless we're there.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Del a little better! If you'd like to know anything else about him, please let me know.