Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Pet peeve

I just felt I needed a rant, and where better to do this on my new blog?

Poo bags.

As you can tell, this isn't going to be the most sophisticated of topics, but it's something that really gets to me when I'm out and about walking Del.

If you scroll down a few posts, you'll see my lovely city, Chester. In areas where dog walking is common, I see on near enough every dog walking occasion tied up poo bags thrown to the side of the footpath.

Now, I'm all for cleaning up after your dog. In fact, I believe all dog owners should clean up after their pups, it's only fair.

But what I don't get is, why people clean up after their dog and not throw the bag into the bin. All they're doing is polluting the countryside with plastic bags, which won't disintegrate. I honestly feel that this is worse than just leaving your dog's business on the footpath.

There are waste bins on nearly every street corner. Is it that bad to keep hold of the bag until you come to a bin?

Some poor person has to clean these bags up at some point, and I don't think that's very fair.

So what's the answer? Provide more dog bins? Or be more strict with fines?

Either way, dog owners must become more responsible with this, because no one wants their lovely city filled with bags of poo.

Rant. Over.