Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pet Theft Awareness Week has organised Pet Theft Awareness Week to educate people on the importance of pet security, to tackle the issue of so many pets being stolen.

Here are a few words on it from Pet Theft themselves...

"With the ever increasing theft of dogs, horses, and parrots, the time has come to draw the attention of pet owners to be more vigilant about the security of their pets and animals. The launch of the first ever “Pet Theft Awareness Week” is from the 14th March to the 21st.

Pet Theft Awareness Week has been organised in conjunction with a number of contributors to raise awareness of the growing trend of pet theft in the UK. It is a non-profit organisation with the aim of helping people take actions which could stop it happening to them. Also we want to campaign for much stronger sentences for anyone involved with pet theft."

Pet Theft Awareness starts today, so pop on over to their site to find out more on what you can do to support it, like signing their petition and giving them support on Facebook and Twitter. There is also great information on how to keep your dog safe when you're at home and out and about.