Friday, 28 June 2013

Rossi- Europe's Only Qualified Assistance Rottweiler

Thought I'd write about a truly inspirational Rottie today! 

Rossi showing off in his uniform
His name is Rossi, and he's Europe's only qualified assistance Rottweiler. He's a true inspiration and a fantastic ambassador for the breed. He helps his owner in all manners of life and his help is priceless. 

Rossi helps his owner getting up and about and also accompanies him on errands to make sure he's safe and supported at all times. The loyalty of Rottweiler’s is a trait that is perfect for an assistance dog, and something that should be utilised more, along with their strength and intelligence. 

Here are some words from his owner: 

"Whenever I tell people about what Rossi can do, people look astonished that a Rottweiler can do so much.  His breed surely shouldn’t mean that he’s any less capable of doing what I ask of him.  In fact, his breed means he can do more than the usual choice of Assistance Dog.  Rossi can carefully place me in the recovery position after a seizure or fall. If I need help getting into my wheelchair Rossi will brace and assist me getting into my chair.  Rossi does all of this and much more, as his breed makes him that more capable.  
Rossi knows me so well that it is scary sometimes.  He knows that certain movements or tones mean one thing.  He knows when I’m having a particular challenging day that I may ask more of him than on a good day.  He knows when I'm upset or confused (which is rare but happens) or generally having a bad day.  On these days I feel how much more in sync we are.  When he is “off duty”, he is still focused on me and wants to be close to me."

Rotties should be brought up as Assistance Dogs more, as their personality traits fit the role perfectly. I hope that Rossi encourages people to think about using Rottweiler’s as working dogs more, as that’s what they're designed to do. 

Rossi is supported by Dog Aid, a charity who helps disabled adults train their own pets to become their assistance dogs. This means that people can train their pets in way which will specifically help them, giving them more independence and confidence. This is a fantastic charity and their work really inspires me. You can find out more about Dog Aid here.

 You can read all about Rossi on this site:

*All image taken from Rossi's website.