Thursday, 1 August 2013

Five of the Best

Blogging isn't much fun when you do it by yourself, which is why I'll be doing a Five of the Best feature each month. I want to share the blogs that I've been reading and enjoying in July. It was really hard to pick just five, but I'll feature the ones I've missed out in the August edition:)

Dakota's Den is a fun blog all about a really loveable Sheltie. My favourite post this month was Friday Funny: Serenading my Sheltie. I think this post is really sweet and Dakota looks mesmerised!

Kate's Cuddles is my best friend's blog about Kate, the most gorgeous little doggy ever. My favourite post has to be one where Del is featured- check him out doing some training!

Clowie's Corner is another I've only recently discovered. Clowie is a stunning Pyrenean Mountain dog and I love looking at pics of her. I really enjoyed the post on 'My Favourite Indoor Games'.

My Brown Newfies is one of my favourite EVER blogs. Sherman and Leroy are just ADORABLE and Jen's writing style has me in stitches. I really loved her post called '5 Sounds That Make My Dog Come Running' as it reminded me so much of Del- and the picture is awesome.

Parker Chronicles is a blog I only came across last week. It's an adorable blog and LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS! Would definitely give Parker and his mum a follow if you don't already. Also, Parker's mum is lovely :)

I'm sure you all follow these blogs anyway- they're gooduns! But if you don't, go ahead, you won't be disappointed! You can thank me later.