Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Del's New Friend

We've recently been taking Del to a field right by our house which is pretty quiet, so we let him off and play ball there in the early evening.

The other day we were joined by the most beautiful Dalmatian, Archie. We didn't know if they would  get on at first, but they ended up getting on like a house on fire!

Here they are having a good old play...

Del has always been quite submissive with other dogs and he's no different with Archie. Archie definitely showed Del who is boss!

The field we use is full of British wildlife, inlcuding gorgeous blackberry trees which are full of ripe fruit at the moment.

And here is one of Del mid-run which really made me chuckle...

...Not his finest moment!

Has your dog got any playmates on their favourite walking places?