Saturday, 26 October 2013

Pet Care Products from John Lewis part 2

A few weeks back we got some great pet products from John Lewis' pet care and gifts range (see post here). We were thrilled when John Lewis got in touch with us to receive some lovely hand picked gifts for Del...

Mutt and Hounds bone print neckerchief
We were sent this gorgeous neckerchief from Mutt and Hounds. It's a lovely mushroom colours with a bone pattern on it. I was really surprised it fits Del because usually these kinds of things don't fit, but the Velcro fastening really makes the sizing versatile. I think he looks rather dapper- how about you? :)

Mutt and Hounds Mist dog collar |  Purple Bone Orange dog collar
We also received two lovely collars, which couldn't have come at a better time because Del's is broken. The Mutts and Hounds one is going to be kept for best because it's such great quality. The dark brown leather against the cream/beige patterned collar looks really suave and fits perfectly, so he'll only be wearing this one when he goes somewhere nice (i.e. not the muddy field).

The Purplebone orange collar also fits really well too and is a lovely, bright colour, ideal for winter as it's quite bright. It's very durable with a metal fastening, which gives me confidence that even if Del does pull on his lead with all of his weight (which is VERY heavy) that it will hold up. We'll be using this collar as our everyday collar.

Mungo and Maud Dog Shampoo
Del really hates bath time. But I was quite excited to try out this shampoo as the smell is simply divine. It came just at the right time, just before Del rolled in some nasties on his walk. The shampoo is quite thick and luxurious (wouldn't mind some for myself) and lathers up really nice Trying the shampoo out made Del's post-walk wash down a bit less tiresome.

Purplebone Cotton Rope Lead |  Mungo and Maud Organic Granola Dog Treats | Purplebone Rope Rabbit Dog Toy |  Mungo and Maud Rubber Bear Dog Toy
We were lucky enough to be sent a new lead too, which was high on our shopping list. It's really soft on your hands which is a big plus if you've got a pully dog. Even though it's material it also has a bit of bounce in it too, which makes those times when your little devil pulls a little a bit more bearable as it's not as harsh on you or the dog.

The granola treats really helped to make Del post for these photos. They're little cracker like squares with some fab organic ingredients in them. I was honestly tempted to try one myself! They're a bit on the expensive side, but lovely all the same.

I have to admit that I haven't given Del the green rabbit. He's notorious for demolishing new toys within minutes of getting them and I haven't got the heart to see the little bunny be ripped to shreds! So we'll be giving this one to Kate. She's much more delicate and will get some good use out of it.

I was quite excited about the rubber bear toy because it felt really durable, being rubber. Also, Del seemed really excited to get hold of it when we opened it too. Unfortunately, after about half an hour of chewing it he made a chip in it and started eating it, so we had to take it away. I think it would be great for dogs who don't chew their toys, but Del is a big chewer! The only toys that have survived the two years that we'd had him is an actual boat rope.

Modelling his lovely collar and lead

Here is Del in his new best collar and on his new lead. We're really impressed with the quality of products John Lewis has for pets. They are more high-end products- some quite expensive- but with some products like beds and collars spending a little more can really pay off because of the great quality.

Big thanks to John Lewis for giving us the opportunity to review some of their pet care range.

All views are my own- I just happen to love the products we've been sent and I've been completely honest.