Thursday, 7 November 2013

Five of the Best- October Edition

Apologies for the delay in October's Five of the Best. I was away visiting London last week so didn't have the chance, which is also why we've been rather quiet over here.  So, here is the list of my favourite blog posts of October!

The Balloon Diaries

I mentioned that my friend Louise had started a blog for her gorgeous pup Harvey a few weeks back, and I wanted to share this gem of a post called "Flashback Friday: Harvey's First Christmas". I think it's my favourite of all his posts because he looks so cute in his little Christmas outfit! Definitely one to follow as there are not only some great posts up already but there is some awesome stuff lined up for November too!

My Two Pitties

I simply love My Two Pitties. I don't have a favourite post because I found it hard to choose just one. The photography on this blog is amazing. These two pitties are so lucky. They seem to live in such a beautiful part of the world. Check out this blog if you haven't already.

Lily Loves Lola

This one is a little different to what I usually list on Five of the Best. This blog is primarily a lifestyle/fashion blog, but the blog name "Lily Loves Lola" is actually named after Victoria's two pugs, Lily and Lola! Occasionally we get to see ultra cute pics of the pugs in her posts, including this Happy Halloween post! I really love reading Victoria's posts, even more so when they include pics of Lily and Lola :)

Greyhounds CAN Sit

I love Greyhounds CAN sit and have been following it for a while. Just thought I'd share their blog post, entitled A Love Story. It's full of some lovely pics of greyhounds and gives some background into how their relationships work. Well worth checking out.

And finally...

Two French Bulldogs

The loss of Benny has been prominent in the doggie blog world. Benny was a fighter and lost his battle recently. The love and support that the online community showed towards Benny was phenominal. Here is a post about their family moving forward, entitled, A New Chapter. Me and Del are sending our love to Benny's momma and Lily.

As always, send me any links to blogs you think are worth reading. I'm always on the lookout for new blogs to read and always appreciate recommendations!