Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Moving House Checklist for Dogs

If you're a regular you'll know that I'm moving house soon, which means Del will have to pack up and come with us. I didn't realise that moving your dog with you would create so many little things to get organised.

I thought I'd put the list that we've got up on here. You never know, it might help someone else out who needs to move in the future.

1. Is your dog microchipped? Get the address changed.

It's important to keep your dog's microchip up to date, just in case the worst happens. It would be awful if your dog was located but had the wrong address.

You can do this pretty easily online here, or simply call the number on your forms. Changes should take place within 24 hours, so give yourself enough time to do so.

2. Change their ID tag.

You will need to put your new address/postcode/phone number on your dogs ID tag for their collar. It's compulsory that all dogs wear on in the UK (I'm not sure about the US), so this is important to get sorted so he can wear it on the day he moves.

I found a really nice and reasonable dog tag on eBay, which has really fast postage too. I'd recommend looking on there for good quality dog tags.

3. Put together a dog box.

Get a box together for all of the essentials you'll need on the big day, and for the few days after you move too. Think:
  • Enough food to last until you unpack the rest of your things
  • Food/water bowls
  • Lead
  • Poo bags
  • Their favourite toys
  • Treats
  • Dog bed

Clearly mark the box and keep it at the front of your removal van. Having their creature comforts will undoubtedly make the move slightly less stressful for your pooch.

4. Will you keep the same vet?

Our current vets isn't that far away, but there is a good one around the corner from our new house which we think we'll be signing up to.  Del needs his annual vaccinations soon, so we'll be signing up to our new vet before we leave so it is less stress free when we take him.

The vet we have chosen has been recommended to us by my partner's mum, who takes her two dogs there. When you're moving, try and get good recommendations to see if you can get any good advice from people who use your newly local vet. 

5. Organise a dog sitter.

Moving is stressful enough, never mind having to cater for a dog in the midst of packing up your home. I'd suggest to organise with a friend or family member to have your dog for the day. Preferably, walking your dog for you too. This will mean that you have more freedom and hopefully your dog will be suitably pooped for the night time.

Have I missed anything? Please let me know and I can add it in.

Hopefully, this will be useful for someone :)

I realise this post is very word-heavy, so for good measure, here's a picture of Del being cute. Just because. Taken from our Instagram account.