Friday, 28 March 2014

Media Demonises the Rottie... Again

In today's earlier post, I mentioned about how the media are really helping to portray certain breeds of dogs in a negative light, which is why we're having a problem with Staffies in re-homing centres. This made me think back to a few days ago when I stumbled upon an article on the Daily Mail which is titled:

"The family tree of DOGS: From tiny chihuahuas to rottweilers - this infographic reveals exactly how every breed is related"

Obviously, being a Rottweiler owner, I was intrigued to see the family tree and where the Rottie sits in the diagram. However, I coudln't even finish the article without being overcome by rage. 

Now, I could understand the media being harsh against a Rottweiler (although I still don't agree with it) if one had bitten a child or the like. But to come across an image like this in an article about the family tree of dogs really stumped me:

 The caption reads:

"The chart shows that a chihuahua – the smallest breed of dog that heralds from Mexico (pictured,  left) – can be easily linked to rotweillers (right), which are popularly known to make good – and sometimes ferocious – guard dogs. Chihuahuas are part of the toy group and are closely related to toy pinchers, which are in turn linked to pinchers and then common guard dogs such as the Rotweiller"

What the? 

Since when has it been acceptable to shoe-horn tenuous links into articles to bully specific breeds? In fact, there was no need to mention Rottweilers at all. Why not choose another breed to compare with a Chi, like a Great Dane? Or even better, choose a picture of a Rottweiler like we all know and love them- smiling, relaxed, loyal and loving. 

It seems like today's media like nothing better than to have people perceive certain dog breeds with fear. 

Thankfully, some of the commenter's agree with me. Why use this as a way to throw some cheap shots at Rottweilers?

Rant over. Next week I'll be back with some realistic photos of a lovely Rottweiler who likes nothing but belly rubs.