Monday, 30 June 2014

Our Break in Sunny Wales

We’ve been busy bees over the past few weeks, but we’ve had so much fun in the process, I thought I’d show you some snaps.

Del hogging the ball

Trying to win the ball back

Waiting for his mini ice cream!

Waiting for his meat from the barbeque

Enjoying a Frozzy! (Frozen yogurt for dogs)

Last week we headed to sunny Wales to spend a few days with our friends by the beach. We stayed in Rhos on Sea, right next to the coast- perfect for dog walking, sunbathing and ice cream-eating! We packed up the car and spent the whole of Sunday day on the beach, playing football. Well, we tried to play football, but Del wouldn’t give the football back- he is NOT a team player!

We spent the next day at the wonderful seaside town, Llandudno. It has an amazing pier where you can play in old style arcades and eat candy floss. It’s a wonderful, traditionally British resort where you can take in the sea air and enjoy some fish and chips. Del loved it.

In other news, this week we’ll be dog sitting two more dogs. So, if you’re a regular you’ll realise that we already live with two Weimerarners, as well as Del. So this means we will be a house with 2 Weimerarners, one Rottweiler, one Pomeranian and one Chihuahua! I’m expecting a lot of cuddles, but it will be a VERY full house.

This Coco and Rocky (sorry for the rubbish pic, but you get the idea):

Also, it’s that time of year again. Del’s pet insurance is due for renewal, so I’ve been doing a bit of research about which is the best type of policy to go for. We’ve decided on a life-time policy. It’s much more expensive (especially because of his breed), but we feel it’s best to have more cover in place, especially as he gets older (I know he’s not even three, but I panic about these things!).

What have you been up to?