Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Beauty and the Beast

Yesterday, my lovely friend Friday came to spend some quality time with Del. She's brilliant with him and he really loves her. She showers him with treats and teaches him lots of new tricks (video to follow). 

She also brought along her Chihuahua, Kate, along to join in the fun. 

Taking turns eating some tasty ham. 

Friday taught Del lots, including how to respect Kate's space. Because she's so tiny (and he's so clumsy), this was necessary so Kate can feel comfortable being in his company. I think he aced it!

There was also a battle of wits with a bone. Kate was cunning! She would distract Del and make him drop his bone, then she'd swoop in there, steal it, and run back to her bed with it. Because Del had learned not to invade her personal space, her couldn't get it back! 

Big thanks to Friday for coming over to spend some time with Del. He hopes she can come again one day when she's free :)