Friday, 10 May 2013

Del's Little Quirks

All dogs have such different personalities, and I love reading about other's, so I thought I'd share some of Del's.

Even though some 'quirks' can be cute, others can be impractical. But I suppose we have to accept our dogs little traits, warts and all...

1. Everyone who knows Del will know that he's a sock theif. Once, I went to go to the bathroom, pulled the toilet seat up and found 4 socks that Del had put there for safe keeping.

2. Rottweilers tend to try and sit on your knee, but with some people he gets so excited that he actually perches him bum on your shoulder. Kind of like a huge, four legged parrot.

3. Whenever I'm eating anything, he will come and place his paw on my knee, thinking that that's a sure fire way to get a treat.

4. Whenever we give him a chew, he insists that you hold it while he's chewing. It makes it easier for him to destroy. I have sat there with him for hours while he destroys bones.

5. When we're out walking and we come across another dog, Del will immediately lie down and be submissive and wait for the dog to approach him. He's very friendly and loves to say hello!

6. Del recognises (and barks) at any animal that comes on TV. He even barks at humans dressed as animals, cartoon animals and anything he deems as 'suspect'. There is even an advert which he recognises the music to. When he hears the music he runs to the TV to wait for the dog to appear that features at the end of the advert!

7. He is terrified of the ironing board. So much so that he will run upstairs and hide whenever anyone is ironing. I have no idea where this comes from as we've had him from 8 weeks old.

8. He loves getting into cars. It usually means that we're going to visit my partner's mum so he can play with her dogs. He's been known to jump into people's cars on our street even though he's not going anywhere!

9. He doesn't like water. He won't join the other dogs at the river in a spot of swimming- instead he'll just watch from the sideline. This also means he HATES baths. We've had to buy dry shampoo for him because bath time is extremely difficult.

10. He's a duvet hogging ninja. He will start off asleep on the landing, but by morning time he'll be in between me and Adam hogging most of the duvet. You think you'd feel a seven stone rottweiler jumping on your bed, but he's suprisngly light on his feet.

What kind of 'quirks' does your dog have? I'd love to hear some :)