Monday, 29 July 2013

A Nuts-Off Update

Del went for a three day check up this morning to check how his scars are healing. The good news is that they're healing really well- the vet is really pleased.

The bad news is that he has to wear his stinky cone for another week! Oh no!

That means much more scratching our legs, knocking things over and being generally destructive.

Poor Del!

As you can see, Del won't let this get him down. He'll continue to play the sympathy card and get me to hold his bone for him to chew. I think he really loves the extra attention...

Anyway, we've been having real trouble with the cone- Del really hates it and because it's so big it has really been getting in the way.

Has anyone ever tried one of these?

You can get them from Amazon for about £13. I thought it would be a good idea, as they stop your pet from licking their wounds without the inconvenience of a cone. I wanted to get some of your opinions first because some of the reviews say they don't really work.