Saturday, 27 July 2013

Operation Nuts-Off Complete!

Yesterday was the big day. Del went to get his nuts off.  I was extremely nervous about the whole process, but thanks to some kind words from fellow doggy bloggers my mind was more at ease when we took him in.

We took him to the vets at around 9:30am. He was quickly admitted to the crates in the back. I took him in with the help of the veterinary nurse. The only way to describe the situation is that it was like a Carry On film. There were stacks of crates, full of cats! You can imagine Del's reaction. Del simply refused to get into the crate, but after about ten minutes of determination from me and the nurse he was in, and it was time for me to leave him.

It was really hard to leave, especially as he was so stressed apprehensive, but of course he was safe in the hands of the vet. They said they'd give me a call after he came round from the anaesthetic, and he was ready to collect at 3pm.

After a spot of breakfast and some retail therapy to take my mind off it, we went to bring him home. The nurse said that you'd never have thought he'd been under anaesthetic- he was so upbeat and happy to see us! Then there was the small issue of fitting his cone...

I don't think it's uncommon when an animal doesn't want to wear a cone- I wouldn't! So trying to get the cone on Del was a real struggle. We decided to wait until we got home as putting the cone on was making him distressed at the vets. It turns out it wasn't very easy at home either, but with some bribery ham and three of us we managed to get it on him.

Me and two of my friends-along with Kate- hung out with him in the afternoon, which was great because it really kept his mind off the soreness and the big cone around his neck. Although when it was time for bed he started to struggle. He really just wanted to sleep-it had been a long day for him- but the cone and the increasing soreness as the anaesthetic wore off was a bit much. He had a little cry but soon drifted off to sleep.

Today, he's very tired and is trying to keep cool. But he's looking forward to another visit from our friends. He also received this really cute card through the post from his nan and grandad:

Big thanks to my friends Gemma and Friday for taking us to the vet and being brilliant as usual. And also a big thanks to the staff at Green Lane Vets for being brilliant with him.

We're going for a check-up on Monday to see how he is healing, so will give you an update then :)