Friday, 27 September 2013

Five of the Best- September Edition

September has been on the quiet front for me, as I've been away to the Big Apple and have celebrated a Birthday. I promise to stop by more of your blogs in October!

I've still enjoyed the blogs I have been able to visit though, so in no particular order here are my Five of the Best!

A Tail of Two Cardis

I love this blog, mainly because of their header image- how cool is that? Look at them enjoying the beach! I love most of this blog's pics which makes me return week after week. I really enjoyed this post about Wilson jumping on that super tall bed! Definitely one to follow :)

The Adventures of The Tank

I have to say, Frank from The Adventures of The Tank makes me smile every time. I LOVE the pumpkin pics at the top too! But my favourite post this month has been the one with the hedgehog. I love hedgehogs- they're so cute! And love the pictures of Frank being all inquisitive.

My Imperfect Dog

My Imperfect Dog has been a favourite of mine since I started reading dog blogs. I really love the writing style and I always like to see a cute pic of Silas (example above!) My favourite post in September was the recent Yuppie one, all about how Silas is a bit of a food snob! He's one pup after my own heart...

Rumpy Dog

First of all, how cute is Rumpy? Second of all, I needed to share this post from this week called Lashing Out At Others Doesn't Lessen Your Own Pain.  You just need to have a read to understand. It really resonated with me and is beautifully written.

Pawsitively Pets

I LOVE this site. It's such a good read. I had to share this post about Halloween costumes for little pets, like guinea pigs. CUTE PICTURE ALERT! One of the cutest things I've seen in a long time!

What have your favourite reads been this month?