Sunday, 29 September 2013

Pet Care Products from John Lewis- Review

Last week we got an exciting email from John Lewis asking if we'd like to review some of their exciting new pet care range. Of course, I snapped their hands off! We love John Lewis so we were very excited to get to choose some of their pet care and gifts products.

There were so many different products to choose from, from beds, walking aids, pamper products and toys. It was really hard to make a decision! In the end we decided to choose a few products that we needed, like a new bed, a harness for the car and a new brush.

The Bed

We chose the Rosewood 40 Winks Dog Sleeper in blue stripes (large). Del is quite fussy with his beds- he prefers them with a structure around them instead of being flat, so this one seemed perfect. The material is wipe clean, always good for a dog, and it's also completely machine washable. It has two sides to the mattress; one which matches the exterior and a lovely plush fur side. I have to be honest, Del has slept in the bed yet, but we're working on it! It's a great bed, made from lovely material and I'd definitely recommend.

The Brush

We also chose the Rosewood self-cleaning pet grooming brush, as I'd recently snapped the handle off Del's old brush by accident. I'm so glad I did because this brush is really great. The paddle of the brush is really big, great for big dogs like Del. The bristles are really firm too, and get the loose hairs out much better than his old brush. The best feature of the brush though is the self-cleaning feature. There is a big button at the back which you press when you're finished which makes the paddle move forward, releasing all the excess hair from the bristles, meaning it's super easy to disgard of the unwanted dog hair. I couldn't recommend this brush enough! Take a look...

The Car Harness

We've been wanting one of these for a while, as the cars that Del usually travels in have quite small boots, so we thought this would be perfect for the back seat. You simply attach the harness to the seat belt so they their movement is restricted comfortably, meaning you can drive in peace. It works pretty well! Definitely something to invest in and a great price too.

Would like to say a huge thanks to John Lewis for letting us try out some of their products. There is plenty more to choose from, including clothing, coats, leads, collars and of course some toys. Anything from the range would make a great Christmas gift for a dog lover or even just as a treat for your pooch. Check out the full range here.

Have you tried any of these products? If so, what are your thoughts?