Saturday, 5 October 2013

Down in the Dumps

I've been off work this week with a nasty chest infection. It's been one of those illnesses which means you can't really do much, so I've read lots of books, watched lots of TV and slept. A lot. 

One thing I didn't count on was the way Del has behaved. He has been an absolute superstar. 

He's slept when I've slept, never left my side and cheered me up when I really needed it.

Waiting for the Andrex puppy.

There he is!
Sharing his antler with me.

Always looking over me...
Never leaving my side.

Del has been so patient. He's had to just sit with me and occupy himself until his dad came home from work to walk him. But that hasn't phased him a bit. He's sat by my side and kept me company through the whole of it.

I would have been pretty lonely without him, and I know that he knows that I've been poorly.

Dogs are awesome. Everyone should have one.