Thursday, 21 November 2013

False Confession Day

****************This is NOT for Santa Paws Eyes******************

I'm joining Ranger in his blog hop after seeing it on Misaki's blog today- False Confession Day! I'll tell you two of Del's confessions and it's up to you to decide which one is real!

Like butter wouldn't melt!

Here we go:

Confession One

Del LOVES his rawhide bones. So much so, that when Kate comes over to visit he will steal her mini Chihuahua sized bones and hide them in his bed.  Because Kate has some serious attitude, they'll fight over the bone for hours, but Del usually wins. Poor Kate...

Confession Two

When Del was a puppy, we bought him a really nice memory foam bed, with a lovely fleece top which was all snuggly and comfy. One day on our return from work he had made a hole in the fabric and ripped out- and shredded- all of the memory foam inside of the bed.

The foam was EVERYWHERE and I'm pretty sure he ate a substantial amount but he lived to tell the tale :)

Which one do you think is true? I shall reveal the answer tomorrow!