Friday, 22 November 2013

Del's True Confession!

You all guessed right! Del's true confession was Confession 2!

You were all right- Del is far too much of a gent to steal any other dog's bone. Although, even though Kate is a super small Chi, she's the one who steals Del's giant sized bones and hides them in her bed! That little doggy has some serious attitude!

So Del did rip (and digest) his fancy memory foam bed that we thought would last him a good few years. Unforunately, I have no photos (I did take one at the time but must have deleted it since), but you can imagine the BEDlam. The foam was EVERYWHERE and Del looked very, very guilty. I think the guilt got too much for him because now he won't sleep on a dog bed at all. He much prefers to share ours...

I'm looking forward to  reading all of your confessions!