Sunday, 24 November 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Del!

Today was a very special day in our house- our gorgeous Del Boy turned 2! We can't believe how fast the time has gone since we got him as an eight week old pup.

It's party time!

He's had a very special day today. Not only did his dad treat him to some special treats from the butchers and a lovely long walk on the meadows, but our friends (Kate's parents) came over for the night and spoilt him rotten! They bought him a whole bag of treats...

Opening his presents with Kate's mum.

Look at all these goodies!

This pawsome Birthday card!

And Belgian dog beer! (non alcoholic of course)

As you can see he got a whole bag of treats, which he was of course thrilled with! He also got a bottle of doggy beer to celebrate with, and like a true member of our family, it was down in one :)

Thanks so Kate's parents for making his birthday so special. Unfortunately Kate couldn't make it as she's exhausted after a busy weekend of her own, but Del sends his thanks for his lovely bunch of presents.

He's one happy boy!

What have you done this weekend?