Friday, 31 January 2014

Settling In.

Well, we've moved!

The move went OK. We managed to do everything within a few days and now we're concentrating on getting Del settled in with his adopted brother and sister.

For the first few days Del was very hyper, following Ellie around like a lost puppy. Ellie is five years old, and very uninterested in Del, which seemed to spur him on even more. He was panting a lot too, and wanting to get out of the house. When we took him for a walk he didn't want to come back into the house. I think he was thinking 'when are we going home, mum?'

We tried to create a schedule from very early on so he would settle. We fed him separately to make sure he was eating, walked him separately and had him sleeping in our room so his old schedule wasn't completely abandoned. And, hurrah! It's worked. After a week, Del seems to have fitted in really well.

Archie and Ellie are slowly starting to interact with him more. Ellie has started to play with him in the day time which is lovely to watch. They chase each other around  for hours and seem to be getting on well. Del has even incorporated himself into their feeding time. He seemed to want to be involved, so it's so lovely to see them all sharing a feeding bowl together.

At night time, we all settle in front of the TV and the dogs all have their favourite nap spots. Then Del will know when it's bed time and take himself to our bedroom.

So, all in all, it's gone fantastic. Thanks so much for the advice my lovely blogger friends have offered. We followed it all and it really seems to have worked!

I haven't had the time to take many photos, but here is one of my favourites of Ellie and Del in our new bedroom:

From now on, you'll be seeing a lot more of Ellie and Archie (you can see Archie's paw in this pic!)

What have you been up to?