Monday, 3 February 2014

Five Things...

...That have made me happy this week.

Getting along | Awesome pancakes at Moose Cafe | Watching all the dogs in Up | The dogs sharing treats

1.Watching Del, Archie and Ellie begin to share food out of one bowl. They're really starting to get used to each other now.

2.Watching Up. Had no idea there were so many dogs in it!

3.The hop, skip and a jump to my work place. Our new house is literally a 30 second walk to my office. It gives me an extra hour a day to play with.

4.Having Kate and her parents come to visit for a cuppa. She was definitely the boss of all the dogs.

5.Eating lots of yummy food, including Baileys cupcakes, a piece of red velvet engagement cake and the best Birthday breakfast for my other half's special day.