Thursday, 27 March 2014

My Wake-Up Call

Del sleeps in our bed  bedroom with us. He always starts off on the floor or on his bed that we keep in the corner. I'm not sure if he gets a bit chilly during the night, or simply decides the hard floor isn't comfy enough, but at around 3am each night he will make his way onto our bed.

Now, a lot of the time we don't notice. He's like a bed-hogging ninja. We only notice when our alarms go off and we're mid-snooze. Gone is the duvet. Gone is any extra space. In fact, most of the time my legs hang out the bed because he's hogging all my side of the bed.

I took some photos this morning of my view when I woke up. You'd think being cold and uncomfortable would be awful, but I just can't bring myself to move him. He looks so cute and happy...

He rests his head on our pillows.

Sometimes he rests his arms on me. It feels like a hug. 

He's just so adorable. 

Does your dog sleep with you? Do you suffer from space and duvet issues?