Monday, 19 May 2014

Being in the Dog House

This weekend was my partner's brother's Birthday, so we decided to throw a barbecue to celebrate. His mum is a cake maker, so decided to make her son some wonderful peanut butter and chocolate cakes, pictured below. They looked (and smelled) delicious. Everyone was really looking forward to eating them, and luckily, she made 15- enough for one each after the meal. 

For the eager eyed amongst you, you'll notice that there aren't 15 in the picture above. That's because three little devils found the cakes and at HALF of them. See picture below for the culprits...

We can't be sure who the ring leader is, but we're pretty sure it was Archie (pictured right). He was caught red-handed, while Del and Ellie were stood outside, but I'm pretty sure they all ate some. 

The picture above is them all suffering their punishment. They were banished outside for a while. I can't say Del looks very guilty, but the other two definitely are! Naughty, naughty dogs. 

In other news, the UK had some wonderful weather this weekend. We made the most of it and spent a lot of it in the garden. Here are a few pics of us enjoying the warmer weather, and Del giving his dad a big smack on the lips! 

Did your pooches get up to anything mischievous this weekend?

N.B. The cakes they stole had a considerable amount of chocolate in them. We monitored each of them throughout the day and thankfully they were fine. If your dog does something like this and eats a large amount of chocolate to themselves it's worth getting in touch with your vet.